Applying E-Marketing Strategies to Education Marketing

Understanding how data and other verticals impact the education sector, we have built a easy way to take control of your lead vendors and automate your marketing based off of enrollment data and publisher history score. Identifying true opportunity to connect Educators to Students. ENROLLMENTLIVE, a true Education Management System. Learn More about our service.

As the interactive advertising industry continues to change, we have invested in understanding the trend before it happens. As Educators and Marketing Companies move on to new 3rd party technology’s to improve their understanding of the market and data. We have invested in building a platform to connect all possible data points to automate marketing, improve enrollment management, monitor compliance and performance. We’re Not Just Education Marketing, We’re Internet Marketing!

How do we help our clients?

Our system allows you to analyze trends and encourages you to take action on your marketing campaigns based on these trends.

  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics
  • Lead Distribution Management
  • Third Party Lead Vendor Controls and Management
  • Compliance Tracking
  1. Lead Verification
  2. Lead Scoring
  3. Publisher Scoring
  4. Auto optimize your campaigns

EnrollmentLive will sync in both your enrollment staff and your marketing team and help them operate more efficiently. Our system also easily integrates with most CRM’s and other 3rd party service providers the transition is pain free.

GritImpact was developed by innovative online marketers to provide a black and white reporting system to weed out rogue lead vendors and provide deep analytical insight into what lead generation campaigns are converting and why?

Our Services

How can we help you succeed?

  • Affiliate Marketing Campaign filtering by affiliate
  • Channel Marketing, Email|Mobile|Click to Call|SEM and Internal Call Center
  • Real-time access to campaign data & analytics @enrollomentlive
  • Customized reporting & analytics @enrollmentlive
  • Compliance monitoring @enrollmentlive
  • Lead Verification and Scoring@enrollmentlive
  • Analyze Enrollment Data by Campaign|Media Source@enrollmentlive
  • Fully integrated with 3rd party validation services
  • EnrollmentLive

The Impact of Disruptive Technology